NuGet packages

Create and publish NuGet packages on NuGet Gallery:

  1. Ikc5.TypeLibrary – the library contains the extension class with methods that manipulate properties with DefaultValue attribute and copy values of properties between objects, the service that provides lite object with public properties from parent object, base class for INotifyPropertyChanged interface, logging interfaces and extensions methods. There are related links:
  2. Ikc5.Prism.Common – the library contains classes for Prism applications. Now it contains logging extensions. There are related links:
  3. Ikc5.Prism.Settings – there are three NuGet packages under the common title Ikc5.Prism.Settings. These packages allow manipulate user settings in Prism applications and serialize/deserialize them in xml files. All package contains the same library and last two packages add models, view models and views to the project. There are links for these packages:
  4. Ikc5.Math.CellularAutomata – the library contains classes to create and investigate 2D cellular automata. There are cellular automaton classes, life algorithms and neighbors’ algorithms, cells, different interfaces’ implementation. There are links for these packages:

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