Screen saver with Prism and cellular automata

Introduction The post is devoted to the application that is complete screen saver. Sure, screen saver is quite old technology, and there is no necessity to use it on modern displays. But from my point of view moving objects on display until computer fall to sleep looks better than stable background picture. The application bases… Read More Screen saver with Prism and cellular automata

Extendable screen saver with Prism

Introduction The post is devoted to screen saver application written in Wpf with Prism pattern. Provided code is the complete application with two different animation patterns that are implemented in two modules. The application is modular and could be easily extended by adding new modules. There is an application archive Full code is accessible… Read More Extendable screen saver with Prism

NuGet packages Ikc5.Prism.Settings

In this post I would like to announce three NuGet packages under the common title Ikc5.Prism.Settings: Ikc5.Prism.Settings.Library, Ikc5.Prism.Settings.Module and Ikc5.Prism.Settings.Application. These packages allow manipulate user settings in Prism applications and serialize/deserialize them in xml files. All package contains the same library and last two packages add models, view models and views to the project. The… Read More NuGet packages Ikc5.Prism.Settings