Examples of using Ikc5.TypeLibrary

This post lists examples of the using classes from NuGet package Ikc5.TypeLibrary. Full code is accessible on GitHub Blog repository. static class TypeExtensions Class contains the extensions that manipulate DefaultValueAttribute and properties through reflection. bool SetDefaultValue(this object thisObject, string propertyName) Method sets value to the property from DefaultValue attribute or do nothing if the attribute… Read More Examples of using Ikc5.TypeLibrary

NuGet package Ikc5.TypeLibrary

In this post I would like to announce my first NuGet package, Ikc5.TypeLibrary. The library contains the extension class with methods that manipulate with properties that has DefaultValueAttribute and copy values of properties between objects, and the service that provides lite object with public properties from parent object. The package is open-source project, full code… Read More NuGet package Ikc5.TypeLibrary

Set up properties of EmailMessage

I write client application that uses Exchange Web Services managed API v.2.0 in order to connect to Exchange Web Services. Sometimes, I need create EmailMessage object and make it looks like as received letter. Therefore I need set up such properties of EmailMessage as ReceiveBy, DateTimeCreate, DateTimeReceived, but they haven’t public set assessors. Using ILDasm… Read More Set up properties of EmailMessage