Job applications

Create and deploy the following applications: CVHolder – in progress. The application is the personal application that help in the job seeking. It should keep user’s resume, history of reviewed vacations, passed interviews, talks with recruiters; reminds about necessity to update resume or call recruiter. The application may contains information about passed interviews like questions,… Read More Job applications

Screen Savers

The project is devoted to screen saver applications written in Wpf with Prism pattern: Extendable screen saver with Prism Screen saver application is written in Wpf with Prism pattern. It has two different animation patterns that are implemented in two modules. The application is modular and could be easily extended by adding new modules. Application… Read More Screen Savers

NuGet packages

Create and publish NuGet packages on NuGet Gallery: Ikc5.TypeLibrary – the library contains the extension class with methods that manipulate properties with DefaultValue attribute and copy values of properties between objects, the service that provides lite object with public properties from parent object, base class for INotifyPropertyChanged interface, logging interfaces and extensions methods. There are… Read More NuGet packages