Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k event is fulfiled

Recently, Automattic announced WP 5K Even . Among other bloggers, I took part in this event, and at 29th of April run the 5 km distance.

Last time I have not jog every morning, but the preparations for WP 5K Event include every day morning running without any objections. I live in quiet area of the city, and several public stadiums with 400 metres lanes are located near the home. I started with 4 laps, and in two weeks increased the distance up to 10 laps. At 28th of April I give the rest my legs.

Due to Ukrainian state holidays at 1st and 2nd of May, I leave the city for several days, and spend this time in the village. Therefore my route starts near the road, and then goes along the irrigation canal, and then goes between green fields till the home. My friend follows me on the car, that allows us to calculate a distance. At Sunday, 29th of April, the morning was very beautiful and calm, sky was clear and deeply blue, and sun was moderate. I enjoyed this running, so I would like to thanks to Automattic for such healthy and interesting event.

Below, the small photo gallery is listed. Let me note, that all photos are real, landscapes were indeed so bright and impressive. Also, the small black point in the sky on some photos is not a dust; it’s a hawk that looks for its breakfast.

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