Updates of Ikc5.TypeLibrary version

NuGet package Ikc5.TypeLibrary is updated to version with the following changes:

  1. Add base class DisposableObject derived from IDispose interface which is described in details in MSDN post.
  2. Add ConsoleLogger class. Class is derived from ITimestampLogger interface, and logs to console. Herewith errors and warnings are written in two output streams: Console.Error and Console.Out, and informative messages are written only to Console.Out. Thus
    public void Log(string message, Category category, Priority priority)
    	switch (category)
    	case Category.Error:
    	case Category.Exception:
    	case Category.Warn:
    		Console.Error.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToLongDateString()} {DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString()} (Category={category}, Priority={priority}): {message}");
    		Console.Out.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToLongDateString()} {DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString()} (Category={category}, Priority={priority}): {message}");
    		Console.Out.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now.ToLongDateString()} {DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString()} (Category={category}, Priority={priority}): {message}");
  3. Fix extensions methods ILogger.LogStart and ILogger.LogEnd – they start with “Start Method:” and “End Method:” respectively:
    logger.Log($"Start {propertyName}: {message}", category, priority);


    logger.Log($"End {propertyName}: {message}", category, priority);

1. All used IP-addresses, names of servers, workstations, domains, are fictional and are used exclusively as a demonstration only.
2. Information is provided «AS IS».

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