Workshop at Azure Day 2017

On 8-9th of September a third AzureDay-2017 conference, devoted to cloud and related technologies, will take place in Kiev. I will present a workshop named “Create Azure API App with AAD authentication and web jobs” that describes how to use and secure Data API App in Azure environment with AAD authentication. In tutorial application API app provides REST service that requires AAD authentication and allows access via AAD application just for inner services, like own web applications or web jobs.

Workshop content

Workshop is based on tutorial written for Svitla Blog, and is described by series of posts.

  1. Prepare environment:
    1. Create Azure dashboard;
    2. Create Azure resource group;
    3. Create Azure storage;
    4. Create App Service plan;
    5. Check AAD.
  2. Data source and model library:
    1. Create Azure SQL server;
    2. Create Azure SQL database;
    3. Database projects;
    4. Deploy data-tier application to Azure SQL database;
    5. Check SQL database from Visual Studio;
    6. Add data models with Entity Framework.
  3. Data API app without authentication:
    1. Create Azure API app;
    2. Data API app project;
    3. Data controllers
      • Add controllers;
      • Add swagger attributes.
    4. Deploy Data API app to Azure API app;
    5. Check REST API service from browser.
  4. Client web app:
    1. Create client Asp.Net MVC app;
    2. Add REST API client;
    3. Deploy Asp.Net MVC site to Azure;
    4. Test client web app.
  5. Web jobs – basics:
    1. Overview;
    2. Create console application that convert images;
    3. Update application to convert image in storage;
    4. Convert console application to web job;
    5. Deploy API app with web job to Azure;
    6. Run and test web job.
  6. Web jobs – intermediate:
    1. Add logging;
    2. Add async methods;
    3. Debug web jobs.
  7. API app – advanced:
    1. Add authentication with Easy Auth;
    2. Create AAD application for Data API app;
    3. Create AAD application for Client app;
    4. Authorize client app;
    5. Test client app.
  8. Web jobs – advanced:
    1. Create new web job with trigger;
    2. Consume REST service by web job;
    3. Set up AAD application for web job;
    4. Authorize web job;
    5. Check results.


Participants should

  1. know how to use Visual Studio 2015 or 2017;
  2. be familiar with C# 6.0, .Net 4.6.1;
  3. have experience with creating and using Asp.Net MVC applications and REST API services;
  4. have valid Azure subscription.

As result of workshop, participants

  1. become familiar with the following Azure objects:
    • Azure SQL Server and databases;
    • Azure storage;
    • App Service plan;
    • API App;
    • Web App;
    • Swagger package;
    • Azure Active Directory;
    • Azure Active Directory applications;
    • Web jobs.
  2. get the following skills:
    • Create and deploy to Azure database projects;
    • Create and manage databases in Azure SQL Server;
    • Create Azure storage, create and access containers and queues;
    • Create App Service Plan;
    • Create API App, Web App;
    • Secured web apps with Easy Auth;
    • Create and use AAD applications;
    • Convert console application to web job;
    • Create and deploy web jobs;
    • Debug and fix web jobs;
    • Trigger web jobs by timers and storage’s events.

1. All used IP-addresses, names of servers, workstations, domains, are fictional and are used exclusively as a demonstration only.
2. Information is provided «AS IS».

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